The Pink® Batts® Brilliance™ Solution - Future of Insulation and Lighting.

Pink® Batts® insulation and Superlux® have teamed up to provide integrated insulation and lighting solutions for truly energy efficient and fire safe New Zealand homes.
The building industry needs to better integrate their building solutions in response to the increasing range and complexity of products that interface one another.

The New Zealand building code establishes minimum performance standards and as a result radial clearances around down lights have historically been the default standard.

Significant changes to electrical regulation, together with higher mandatory levels of insulation required in homes, mean new and integrated standards for insulation and down lights now need to be developed. This requirement is consistent with government initiatives to increase energy efficiency, using public awareness campaigns to promote thermally efficient insulated homes and the benefits of energy efficient lighting. Drawing on in-depth understanding of insulating material and advances in lighting design, the Pink® Batts® and Superlux® partnership delivers the Pink® Batts® Brilliance™ Solution – the superior thermal and lighting efficient solution. This top performing and safest possible solution should ideally be installed in all New Zealand homes.
Unsafe recessed lights with combustible insulation material has led the building industry to introduce an inefficient thermal and lighting system. The use of insulation material classed as “non flammable” such as macerated paper and polyester, require a large clearance between the recessed down lights and insulation. This large clearance allows heat to escape, making it costly to heat a home. Unrated recessed down lights without a thermal cut out are not a fail-safe solution.
Use only NON-combustible insulation such as Pink® Batts® insulation that can be abutted directly against CA rated down lights designed with thermal cut outs.
1: High levels of non-combustible insulation without radial clearance.
2: CA rated energy efficient down light with thermostat protection
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With over a century of collective knowledge and experience, these two highly regarded brands have combined their insulation and lighting skills and insights to develop a truly energy-efficient and fire-safe solution that will deliver outstanding performance and tangible savings, now and in the future.

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