New sensor range from Superlux

Designed to turn off lights when not required,
manage power consumption and
avoid nuisance tripping typical of cheap PIR
sensors, a new range of European-made
sensors has been released by Gartner Superlux
and priced well for contractors.
The Superlux sensors cover typical domestic
and commercial applications and are
designed for contractors wanting to offer
clients simple and affordable energy-saving
automation, says Gartner Superlux director,
John Heimgartner.
“The new range includes interior and
exterior models using a variety of detection
technologies, so now you can effectively
switch lighting using movement, ambient
light, heat or vibration to make sure lighting
is controlled correctly and operates as users
intend it.”
Heimgartner says unlike the pricing, the
performance, versatility, build quality and
technical design are at the top end of the
range and work very well with self-ballasted
fluorescents where otherwise light flashing
can occur.
For outdoor spaces and security lights
you can choose a PIR motion detecting
sensor with a 12 metre, 180° range, or a
photocell variation which will switch lights on
at night and off at dawn and has adjustable
sensitivity between one and ten lux. Both
models are unobtrusive and are available in
black or white. There is also an indoor/outdoor
recessed PIR offering an adjustable
detection angle from 30 - 360° and a detection
reach of nine metres.
“Indoors, the range is even more practical,”
says Heimgartner. “We have two high
frequency occupancy sensors which are perfect
for offices, dormitories, toilets, libraries
or long corridors as they can detect presence
through glass panes, plasterboard walls
or office partitions. The HF sensor emits
high frequency electromagnetic waves that
return, detecting the slightest movement in
the zone to ensure lights stay on when someone
is present but not moving much. These
models are ideal for stairwells or areas where
there is no line of sight and work reliably in
higher temperature areas. They also detect
movement directly to or from the sensor as
well as across the field.
“Both the wall mount and ceiling mount
options have excellent detection and you can
adjust the time delay, lux setting and coverage
distance to suit how people use the
In addition to the high frequency sensors
there are two ceiling-mounted occupancy
sensors: a twelve metre, 360 degree detection
model with adjustable time and lux
settings and a twenty four metre model.
The occupancy sensors are ideal for areas
that are intermittently occupied. The 24
metre ND 463 model switches up to 800
watt fluorescent or 2000 watt incandescent
and has an adjustable shroud to direct the
detection area away from open doorways,
reducing nuisance switching,” says Heimgartner.
Gartner Superlux marketing manager
Jenny Heimgartner says eliminating nuisance
call-backs is what the range is all about and
installation is easy.
“You simply wire up and fix the back plate
in the correct position. The photocell/sensor
unit then plugs into the back-plate – true
plug and play. Access to the settings is all external,
so adjustments can be made easily by
yourself or the end-user.
“The range is stylish and discrete and is
suitable for most environments. Your clients
just have to decide where they want to turn
off unnecessary lighting. So if your customers
would like European quality sensors at
more like Asian prices, contact us for a catalogue
and specification sheets.”

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