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The SD125F is the most effective downlight in New Zealand which is optimised for energy saving lamps.

Without a purpose designed fitting you can actually have less effective lighting despite using an “energy efficient” lamp!

Putting in a higher wattage energy saver lamp actually reduces the light output ratio, making the situation worse, consuming more energy....

An average house can save $400 per year by installing SD125F fittings instead of conventional downlights – and they look better too...

The SD125F can not be fitted with inefficient GLS Lamps EVER

The SD125F uses 15Watt spiral Energy saver lamps readily available from your local hardware shop or supermarket.

Please Read on to find out why you should switch to the purpose designed SD125F

The government has been encouraging the use of energy saving lamps over the use of GLS Incandescent lamps to reduce power consumption in homes. Why are energy saving lamps best?

Why energy saving lamps:

Superlux believe and have proven that up until now energy saving lamps have not been the best solution to power reduction, Why is this?

This is because the most common luminaries installed into the residential market are incandescent downlights which were designed to use conventional GLS (General Lighting Service) bulbs. When a energy saver lamp is placed in a Conventional downlight the light output is reduced and the light is scattered horizontally instead of vertically and therefore not getting the light to where it needs to be. This is why you get situations where people think they’re not getting enough light from the self ballasted lamp and they try to replace it for an even higher wattage bulb. We have found through our testing that this not only uses more power but you get even less light output. This is because the higher the wattage the bulb, the bigger the bulb becomes and when it is placed in the incandescent downlight the shadowing from the bulb blocks the light.

For example:

Even in the largest diameter incandescent downlights the output is reduced when using higher wattage lamps

135mmØ Incandescent downlight with Phillips 15W = 64% LOR = 760 Lumens1

135mmØ Incandescent downlight with Phillips 20W = 58% LOR = 737 Lumens2

Now we understand these facts about energy saving lamps and Incandescent downlights, we know that continuing to install Incandescent downlights is not an option! Even if the government does not ban the GLS incandescent lamp3, incandescent downlights are simply not suitable for highly efficient lighting now or in the future. Energy saver lamps are still the most energy efficient Light Bulb available in the residential market.

Some facts about Energy Saver Lamps:

- 90% of world production is in china4

- 95% are not dimmable

- 95% have a power factor of about 0.55

-There is a lot of variance from lamp to lamp in quality and markings are often misleading

-Energy saving lamps are available in a range of colour temperatures °K ranging from cool to warm

Despite the variables, energy saving lamps will produce very good illuminance if used in purpose designed downlights. Success is not all about the energy saver lamp it’s all about the downlight design!

Simple facts about the SD125F:

A 15 Watt energy saver lamp in the purpose designed SD125F produces:

15W x 50lumens per Watt = 750 lamp lumens5
75% LOR=562 lumens emitted

The same 15Watt energy saver lamp in an incandescent SD125 downlight:

15W x 50 lumens per Watt = 750 lamp lumens6
53% LOR = 398 lumens emitted

The SD125F produces a 41% gain in light output!

Further More: As the 562 lumens is accurately directed by the purpose designed reflector the illuminance achieved is 3 x higher


1 As tested by Light Lab Pty Ltd, Australia, Report of Test LL11631

2 As tested by Light Lab Pty Ltd, Australia, Report of Test LL11632

3 Standard light bulbs to be switched off - 21 Feb 2001 - Climate change news - NZ Herald

4 Based on the Australian Greenhouse Office Report, international CFL Market Review: A study of seven Asia Pacific Economies (2006). Supplements with interview during may to September 2007 by ECO-Asia CDCP

5 As tested by Light Lab Pty Ltd, Australia, Report of Test LL11475

6 As tested by Light Lab Pty Ltd, Australia, Report of Test LL11628

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